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this is not virtual reality
as you know it

this is not virtual reality as you know it

Exploring a world headquarters that's now a vacant lot.

Walking through an airplane that exists only on the drafting table.

We're on the cusp of a seismic shift in virtual reality, and you're at the epicenter. VRstudios has advanced virtual reality technology to the point where it is a practical tool for your business. Give future tenants a full view of an apartment that hasn't been built. Give your engineers a chance to examine a space they only just designed. We give you the power to live a reality that you literally imagine on the spot.

VRstudios creates custom, complete virtual reality solutions. We've perfected the art of wireless headsets, giving you seamless freedom of movement through a space you design. Explore anywhere you like and instantly teleport anywhere with our DesignWand™. It's a space as real as you make it.

If you think your industry doesn't involve virtual reality, you're about to be very wrong. Today, you have the chance to gain a competitive advantage that will leave your rivals gasping for air. We do the things that reality makes impossible. Now, so can you.




Charles spent 17 years at IBM, completing his tenure as the executive responsible for consulting operations in the Northwest. He served as CEO of the Northwest's largest systems integration firm and has guided the turnaround of multiple companies in a variety of industries. Drawing from his business background and experience as a solo relief worker in remote, Third World settings, Charles has authored five books.


Jamie originated the concept of wireless, full-motion VR and is a respected thought-leader in the Northwest VR community. He founded Mind-Games Intermedia, a software development company, and established an independent gaming tournament organization to promote technology throughout the greater Northwest region.

Brian Vowinkel - SALES

Brian Vowinkel SALES
Brian previously was a Senior VP at U.S. Bank and Regional Managing Director for Ascent Private Capital Management. He holds an MBA from Harvard and is a West Point graduate and instructor. A distinguished honor graduate of ranger school, Brian was the first infantry commander to utilize the Close Combat Tactical Trainer, a networked simulation for combined arms.


Dave spent 10 years at F5 Networks, most recently as a Senior Software Engineer. His focus is solving the problems that have kept fully immersive, wireless VR from being a consumable medium. This pioneering work requires proficiency across many different pieces of technology and software. Dave is a Microsoft certified systems engineer and holds a computer science degree from the University of Washington.


Mary is a technology executive, strategist, inventor, and entrepreneur. Her past roles include VP of Strategic Technology for McCaw Cellular Communications and VP of Technology Development for AT&T Wireless. She has founded and led companies in wireless, telecommunications, messaging, and media production. A licensed professional engineer, Mary holds bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering and has authored more than a dozen patents.


Dean previously led software development at the Bill Gates-funded Kymeta Corporation, where his teams created embedded systems to drive Kymeta's patented satellite antenna systems. He co-founded Widemile and was a founding executive at Paratrove, Memetic Systems and TeamOn, after serving as CTO and Senior VP of Products at Attachmate Corporation. Dean also played a major role in developing early application server technologies at IBM and was a key member of the US West Network Systems startup team that developed the world's first graphical network management system.


Mark provides valuable hands-on experience in systems engineering and satellite communications diagnostics. He holds a degree in applied sciences and is a certified high-voltage/low-voltage electrician.

T. Ron Davis - MARKETING

T. Ron is a former Director of Fortune 500 Marketing at Microsoft and CEO of Intellect Marketing Group, providing marketing and management consulting services for startups and F500 enterprises. The founder of five privately held companies, T. Ron brings technology-specific expertise in marketing strategy, brand development, channel development, advertising, PR, market research and intellectual property.

If you’re curious about how VRstudios can increase your sales, transform your business, or give you an insurmountable competitive advantage, contact us today.

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How Our Clients Are
Changing Their World

How Our Clients Are Changing Their World


A leading Seattle construction company is growing their business with current clients by immersing their customers in new construction plans a year before the first ground is broken.

With VRstudios, it's possible.

Here's How

  • Brought an early-stage 3D model of a building exterior from SketchUp into a real time 3D engine in minutes while preserving scale
  • Expanded the physical walking space by creating tools for navigation
  • Allowed building engineers to walk around the building and see elements in 3D that they could not visualize from blueprints – dramatizing a jaw-droppingly designed curved wall


An architecture firm needed to demonstrate a radically forward-thinking new building to a Fortune 500 client. They brought their end clients into our office to walk through the building and tour it virtually by physically walking through it and interacting with it.

With VRstudios, it's achievable.

Here's How

  • Brought a high-end, beautifully rendered 3D model of a building interior from 3ds Max into a real time 3D engine
  • Used advanced, realistic lighting techniques to make the model photo-realistic
  • Worked with architects to highlight certain features of the model, giving users the option to change out lighting fixture designs and surface materials


A major aircraft design firm asked VRstudios to demonstrate to a major aerospace giant how customers could tour an airplane in virtual reality – resulting in a major sale.

With VRstudios, it's within reach.

Here's How

  • Brought a 3D model of a jet from 3ds Max into a real time 3D engine
  • Allowed multiple users to walk through the jet simultaneously and interact
  • Created ability for each user to switch between multiple configurations of the jet interior
  • Brought our system to various facilities to show important decision makers on multi-million dollar, multiple jet project

Entertainment – VRcade®

Designed and developed a revolutionary gaming experience– deployed in Dave & Buster's flagship location in San Jose, CA, with thousands flocking to play.

With VRcade, it's in play.

Here's How

  • Internally developed a cutting-edge gaming experience, Time Zombies, to take advantage of our system
  • Created a hygenic and rugged version of our wireless HMD for use by thousands in an arcade setting
  • Integrated a line management system to allow people to register to use the system and come back when it is their turn maximizing throughput


Imagine a professional football team being able to practice and run plays from a "virtual playbook" – giving the players a winning edge by practicing plays over and over again before game day.

With VRstudios, it's in motion.

Here's How

  • Creating custom VR gear, including optical tracking markers on helmet and a football
  • Creating a virtual football field with realistic player models and animations from mocap actors
  • Allowing players to throw the ball to a virtual receiver and track the ball for accuracy
  • Deploying at college and pro football training facilities around the country

If you’re curious about how VRstudios can increase your sales, transform your business, or give you an insurmountable competitive advantage, contact us today.

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How We're Reinventing VR

How We're Reinventing VR

Legendary innovator Martin Cooper experiences VRstudios for the first time.

Virtual reality is finally open for business. While other VR solutions offer customers a simple enhanced viewing experience, VRstudios changes the game by helping companies deploy VR in ways that allow them to design, build, explore and sell more effectively. Here are just some of the ways we're redefining what VR can do.

Wireframe Overlay

The building block that makes all of this possible is the VRstudios Operating Platform (VOP), which unifies a variety of ground-breaking tools and technologies. One of the most exciting features of VOP is that it's hardware neutral, integrating new and emerging technologies. We are system integrators and make many components of the system in-house, but if we find a better solution for you somewhere else, we'll stretch to include it. We're already talking to people making advanced imaging displays like Hololens, doing next generation 3D scanning like Project Tango, and unparalleled haptic feedback devices like Tactical Haptics. Ultimately our system is hardware agnostic, so as new technologies emerge, we will be able to take advantage and utilize them in our system ensuring that as technology goes forward, you're traveling with it.

Our technology allows for changes (e.g. architectural modifications) to be captured in the virtual experience and exported to the native application that generated the design. VRstudios provides the capability of creating and setting up virtual environments from within the virtual environment eliminating the need and the limited accuracy of creating the environments via a keyboard, mouse or graphics device.

VRstudios provides various sized systems (10'x10' to 15,000 sq. foot coverage) with different pricing and leasing options. There are standalone "fixed" systems and portable systems that can be set up in less than two hours.

VRstudios has an experienced senior management team with a strong track record of success in VR design and development, systems and software engineering and systems integration. Members of our team have held high-level positions at IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and McCaw Cellular. VRstudios has led the way in creating wireless, full motion, positional track multi-participant virtual reality solutions for addressing real business needs. The future is now.

VRstudios has pioneered a game-changing technology in our wireless headset that allows users to physically move around even run and jump around within the physical capture space. This actual capture space is featureless, but the user perceives the sights and sounds of a vivid, richly detailed virtual world.

Custom Headset

The sense of realism is dramatically enhanced by the user's ability to naturally, physically move around in this virtual world, and interact with very realistic virtual objects and structures. Through a variety of innovative navigation capabilities, the user can deeply experience the sense that the virtual space is far, far larger than the actual physical capture space.

The VRstudios Operating Platform

  • Completely wireless
  • Ultra low latency combined with high performance computing and content design results in no motion sickness (common complaint of VR system use)
  • Full motion tracking across small to very large spaces matches best in the industry
  • Multi-participant support
  • Multi-location support (allowing multiple participants in different physical locations to be present in the same virtual space simultaneous with the ability to interact with each other)
  • Automated processes for importing designs and game environments in a matter of minutes versus the lag time of hours, days or weeks often experienced in the industry
  • Can use 3D models from the most popular 3D modeling programs like 3ds Max, SketchUp, Solidworks, and Revit

If you’re curious about how VRstudios can increase your sales, transform your business, or give you an insurmountable competitive advantage, contact us today.

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The Future of Gaming is Here

The Future of Gaming is Here

Experience a glimpse of VRcade's reality-bending immersive gaming experience, "Time Zombies."

The reason we're so confident our virtual reality solution is head and shoulders above the rest is simple: we've battle-tested this platform. Literally. When our gamer founders couldn't find a virtual reality solution that could handle the immersive demands of modern gaming, they created their own. The result is a wireless headset that offers a completely untethered, full-body tracking experience. It's built to be responsive, immersive, and seamless, giving you an unparalleled game presence that transports you into another world. The VRcade system runs on VRstudios' hardware agnostic platform, allowing new videogame titles to be frequently added, but it already runs titles including Time Zombies and Bullseye, a videogame developed by Zero Point Software, the creators of Interstellar Marines. We're pushing the boundaries of immersive gaming experiences. It's not a distant dream. It's happening right now.

Time Zombies

  • Dedicated high-end hardware, customized gameplay experiences, and a low cost of entry
  • Designed to overcome in-home VR design and installation challenges, and enable anyone to have an amazing virtual reality experience
  • Allows multiple players equipped with top-of-the-line hardware to run around a large physical space
  • Constantly pioneering new solutions to challenges that stand in the way of immersive VR and ready to take advantage of any big developments to improve the experience

If you’re curious about how VRstudios can increase your sales, transform your business, or give you an insurmountable competitive advantage, contact us today.

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"You have just shown me the future of virtual reality. It is simply astounding! After seeing this if I were not already in this industry I would change careers."

Chadwick Turner
Past Amazon Head of VR Strategy, Current Head of Content Partnerships, VRideo

"It was the most interactive VR experience I have ever had. Because of the lack of tethers and the ability to freely move around, you were able to suspend the belief that you are in a simulation. It's great! Wonderful!"