The Shortest Distance from Imagination to Reality™

VRstudios pioneered the first completely wireless, full-motion, multi-participant, immersive VR experience systems for commercial-grade applications. This leading-edge technology allows businesses to delight and entertain customers, while providing solutions to clients worldwide. Users simply slip on the custom VR headset and experience untethered virtual environments where imagination leads to infinite possibilities. 

VRstudios creates complete custom virtual reality solutions.


VRstudios’ wireless technology and untethered headsets allow free movement for ease-of-use, which is a critical element to support multiple participants in the same virtual space.

Full Motion

Full physical motion and highly accurate positional tracking eliminates user disorientation and allows for a complete spatial experience of the environment.


Designed for multi-user experiences, the platform is built to permit users to see and interact with each other. In a future release, users in multiple locations will be able to share an experience.

Turnkey and Custom VR Solutions

Various configurations for our commercial and entertainment systems are available, including a ready-to-deploy platform that can be set up and running within hours. Collaboration with clients is offered to configure, design, and build custom solutions as desired.

Software Development Kit Available (SDK)

Development partners have access to the VRstudios SDK for both Unity and Unreal engines. This allows partners to create full-motion VR-immersive experiences using today’s best VR technologies

Distributed VR (D.VR)

VRstudios D.VR platform is currently in development which will allow businesses to easily share VR experiences with branch offices, partners, and customers.

You have just shown me the future of Virtual Reality. It is simply astounding! After seeing this, if I were not already in this industry, I would change careers.

Chadwick Turner
Past Amazon Head of VR Strategy, Current Head of Content Partnerships, VRideo

It was the most interactive VR experience I have ever had. Because of the lack of tethers and the ability to freely move around, you were able to suspend the belief that you are in a simulation. It’s great! Wonderful!

Ramani Duraiswami
Director, Perceptual Interfaces & Reality Lab, University of Maryland

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