VRstudios is open for business and is redefining what virtual reality can do. While other VR technologies offer customers a simple enhanced viewing experience, VRstudios changes the game by helping companies utilize VR to design, build, explore, and sell more effectively. Here is how it works:

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The building block that makes all of this possible is the VRstudios Operating Platform (VOP), which unifies a variety of ground-breaking tools and technologies. One of the most exciting features of VOP is that it is hardware-neutral, integrating new and emerging technologies. You can deploy the system across a wide range of equipment, ensuring that as technology goes forward, you are traveling with it.


VRstudios’ technology allows for changes (e.g. architectural modifications) to be captured in the virtual experience and exported to the native application that generated the design. VRstudios provides the capability of creating and editing virtual environments inside the VR experience, abolishing the limited accuracy that comes with creating the environments via a keyboard, mouse, or graphics device.”


VRstudios provides various-sized systems -10’x10’ sq. ft. (3×3 sq. meters) to 15,000 sq. feet (1400 sq. meters) with different pricing and leasing options. There are standalone fixed systems and portable systems that can be set up in less than one hour. In fact, clients are setting up their fully operational ready-to-deploy system in just 45 minutes.


VRstudios has an experienced senior management team with a strong track record of success in VR design and development, systems and software engineering, and systems integration. Members of the team have held high-level positions at IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and McCaw Cellular. VRstudios has led the way in creating wireless, full motion, positional tracking multi-participant virtual reality solutions for addressing real business needs. The future is now.


VRstudios has pioneered a game-changing technology in their wireless headset that allows users to physically move around — even run and jump around — within the physical capture space. This actual capture space is featureless, but the user perceives the sights and sounds of a vivid, richly detailed virtual world.


The sense of realism is dramatically enhanced by the user’s ability to naturally and physically move around in this virtual world while interacting with realistic virtual objects and structures. Through a variety of innovative navigation capabilities, the user can deeply experience the sense that the virtual space is far larger than the actual physical capture space.

The VRstudios Operating Platform

  • Completely wireless
  • No motion sickness – Ultra-low latency combined with high performance computing technology solves the common complaint of motion sickness in other VR experiences
  • Full motion tracking across small to very large spaces matches best in the industry
  • Multi-participant support
  • Multi-location support (allowing multiple participants in different physical locations to be present in the same virtual space simultaneous with the ability to interact with each other) *Future Release
  • Automated processes for importing designs and game environments in a matter of minutes — versus the lag time of hours, days or weeks often experienced in the industry