FORBES: How Universal Orlando’s New Haunted House Is Pushing VR Tech To Its Limits

OCT 3, 2016 @ 10:14 AM  How Universal Orlando's New Haunted House Is Pushing VR Tech To Its Limits By: Seth Porges    In a nondescript soundstage building in the bowels of Universal Studios Florida, guests make their way, four at a time, through a space that has been designed to feel like an old and

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Limited-Time, Halloween Horror Nights Attraction Will Blend Physical Environments, Real-Life Characters and Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality into an Interactive Paranormal Experience Tickets For “The Repository” Go On Sale To Annual Passholders August 16 And To The General Public August 23 ORLANDO, Fla. (August 12, 2016) – Universal Orlando Resort is unveiling a cutting-edge – and terrifying

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Fanboynation: VRcade by VRstudios @ SDCC2016

"VRcade is hands down the best VR I have experienced thus far." July 26, 2016 Kevin Fenix VR is the next phase of technology. The question remains, will it be Blu-Ray or HD-DVD? With sold out Oculus Rifts and Playstation VR’s, I would bet on the former. However, with the massive amount of gear and space

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BBC News – E3: Hopes of a games arcade revival

 NEWS Dave Lee North America technology reporter 17 June 2016 Games enthusiasts of a certain age can often be found reminiscing about a legendary golden era - the age of arcade gaming. It spanned a decade or so, starting in the mid-to-late 70s, a period which launched the infamous title Space Invaders and also brought us

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VRstudios Targets Enterprise Market With Distribution Agreement

By Dylan Foreman on June 10 2016 Imagine an executive in Los Angeles wants to check in with the architect designing her firm’s new office in Vancouver. The architect sketches a rendering of the building, and then uploads it to a three-dimensional virtual space. Together, architect and executive explore and identify tweaks to the design,

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Thousands attend inaugural virtual reality expo in Vancouver

Your partner hands you a gun, and suddenly from all around in every direction, bandits pop out from saloons and second-floor balconies, guns a slinging, ready to take you out. TIFFANY CRAWFORD More from Tiffany Crawford   This wild west showdown is so real you can’t help but duck behind a barrel or run up

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VRstudios Partners With Smartlaunch On VR Entertainment

New partnerships sees VRstudios tech reach a wider audience. MAY 04, 2016 BY PETER GRAHAM Seattle-based VRstudios has been expanding at a rapid rate with several new partnerships that utilise the company’s full motion wireless virtual reality (VR) system named VRcade. Last month VRFocus reported on the firm collaborating with Korean company Simuline, and today’s announcement reveals VRstudios has

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VRstudios Teams Up With SmartLaunch to Create VR Entertainment Centers Worldwide

by DAVID JAGNEAUX • MAY 4TH, 2016 The great thing about VR is how versatile it already is across the multiple different devices. You’ve got seated VR experiences at a PC and desk, motion controllers, full body suits, room scale sensors, peripherals that enhance your sense of presence and immersion, and pretty much everything in between. On the

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VRstudios' Vowinkel said gaming has had a huge influence on VR. "Just as NASCAR helped the auto industry learn how to improve tires and safety and engine performance, game engines have brought us high-performance renderings for better building," said Brian Vowinkel, chief revenue officer for VRstudios, Bellevue WA. “So, we can offer a full-immersion experience

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Bellevue virtual reality company VRstudios raises $3M, plans expansion

Bellevue virtual reality company VRstudios raises $3M, plans expansion BY RACHEL NIELSEN on April 16, 2016, 2:09pm PDT Virtual reality platform company VRstudios just raised $3 million and is planning an expansion. The Bellevue company had been planning to raise $5 million, but it stopped the fundraising earlier this month because its valuation was growing

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