The entertainment company’s “free-roaming” VR experience uses no wires, allowing players to run, duck, and jump to defeat their competition. 


The location-based entertainment (LBE) operator Dave & Busters, headquartered in Dallas, last Tuesday announced plans for its new virtual reality VRcade Arena. The new addition is in partnership with VRstudios, who specializes in immersive multiplayer virtual reality experiences.

Several options will be available for customers to enjoy, including “VRcade PowerPlay”and “Barking Irons Gunslinger,” according to a press release. Dave & Busters is taking virtual reality experiences to new heights as the first national LBE organization to mainstream VRcade PowerPlay.

Real-world simulations

Dave & Busters is offering its customers the chance to experience the sensation of “free-roaming.” This type of virtual reality uses no wires, giving players freedom to run, duck, and jump to defeat their competition. 

The PowerPlay experience is described as a combination of dodgeball and laser tag, whereas Barking Irons Gunslinger is all about shootouts in the Old West.

A longstanding partnership

VRstudios and Dave & Buster’s have collaborated on other successful concepts in the past, the release stated. Dave & Buster’s is using VRstudios operating system in their current virtual reality simulators, and VRstudios has developed several exclusive games for Dave & Buster’s. Some of their recent attractions are simulations based on Men in Black and Star Trek. 

The new VRcade Arena is available now for a limited time in Dave & Buster’s Tampa location.

[Photo: Liz Goodwin]