Road to VR

July 17, 2015 Scott Hayden

Dave & Buster’s Milpitas, CA location is now playing host to the restaurant arcade chain’s rst wireless VR system, an optically tracked solution created by VRcade.

VRcade, a gaming and entertainment-centric division of VRstudios, have launched two titles on their wireless VR system now playing at Dave and Buster’s Milpitas location—

Time Zombies, a zombie survival shooter, and Interstellar Marine’s Bullseye, a target shooting range showcasing a taste of Zero Point Software‘s action adventure VR game currently available via Steam early access here.

VRcade’s wireless VR system features optically tracked retro re ective markers on both the headset and pistol, allowing for widescale positional tracking. The data transfer system—normally an HDMI cable for tethered systems—has yet to be revealed. VRcade is also keeping a tight lid on any technical specs for the VR headset.

Long term viability of arcade-style VR is highly dependent on the operator’s ability to maintain a constantly evolving set of hardware and games so that the out-of-home experience can offer a cut above privately owned consumer-grade VR systems.

The team have assured that their wireless VR system, which hypothetically scales from 15×15 feet to as large as 150×75 feet, will evolve to host new software and hardware “ensuring a consistent supply of new virtual reality content over time from VRcade and a variety of third-party developers.”

“Our custom headset is also in constant redesign with resolution, eld of view, and ergonomics consistently improving as new tech becomes available,” said Ivan Blaustein, Director of Product Integration.

Dave and Buster’s is enforcing a ’13 years and up’ policy for both games, and will be running the VR system Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 pm until close; Saturday all day, and Sunday from opening until 9 pm. Turns with the game will cost $5. More information can be found on the Dave and Buster’s website.