VRstudios’ Vowinkel said gaming has had a huge influence on VR.

“Just as NASCAR helped the auto industry learn how to improve tires and safety and engine performance, game engines have brought us high-performance renderings for better building,” said Brian Vowinkel, chief revenue officer for VRstudios, Bellevue WA. “So, we can offer a full-immersion experience that allows you to walk through a space before it’s built and have a discussion with the architect, engineer, sub, or whomever. Even Navy Seals and the U.S. Marines are using VR now in training to minimize risk,” noted Vowinkel, himself a West Point graduate and retired U.S. Army Ranger. Before and after both of CTF’s two evening keynote events, VRstudios ran demonstrations that allowed attendees to walk virtually through a high-rise apartment in downtown Seattle.

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