Kevin Vitale

As CEO and Chairman of VRstudios, Kevin has shaped the company’s vision and set the strategic direction for it to be a leading innovator and provider of commercial virtual reality solutions to the Location-Based Entertainment industry. His experience in emerging technology, product development, branding, global sales, and marketing has been instrumental for focusing the company to deliver its award-winning, turn-key, large-scale, multiplayer, free-roaming commercial VR systems while in a very dynamic early-stage market.

Kevin brings more than 30 years of deep C-suite corporate experience leading domestic and international operations, primarily in technology companies. He has held multiple CEO positions in organizations ranging from venture or private equity-backed emerging companies to publicly traded global organizations serving the Fortune 500.

Doug Durst

Doug is a strategic and execution oriented corporate finance executive with over 25 years of experience building, leading and supporting both private and public companies through complex transitions, integrations, funding, and enhanced growth and profitability. Highly organized, proactive and analytical leader with a track record of contributions leading to improved strategic focus and aligned execution, and enhanced: visibility and decision support, cash/capital/risk management, governance, compliance and controls.

Greg Savage

Greg brings over 20 years of experience in the hardware, software and mobile industries where he held various technical and business-focused roles for early stage start-ups to enterprise corporations. As the Director of Professional Services for RootMetrics, he built and managed the services practice in North America and Europe. Prior to that, he drove wholesale partner relations for T-Mobile USA across the Americas, Caribbean and Africa. Greg is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, volunteer firefighter and holds an MBA from the University of Washington.


Dave Ruddell

Dave spent 10 years at F5 Networks as an engineer on a number of projects, including innovative new software. His focus is solving the problems facing wide-spread adoption of VR in Location-Based Entertainment. This pioneering work requires proficiency across many different pieces of technology and software. Dave holds a computer science degree from the University of Washington as well as A+, Net+ and MCSE certifications from his early career in IT.

John Walthall

John is a globally recognized senior sales leader with decades of experience driving nascent entertainment and media technologies to market leading positions. John is known for building world class teams and delivering industry leading results. He most recently served as Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development for Ericsson’s TV and Media Businesses. Prior to that, John was Vice President of Global Sales for Microsoft’s TV and Entertainment Division where he helped take them from a minor player to the global leader in TV Platform software. John has also held Senior leadership roles at Liberate, CEON, GTE, CableData, and EDS.

Chanel Summers

Chanel has been a respected game producer and designer with over 20 years of experience in the video game industry. She was Microsoft’s first audio technical evangelist, and a member of the original Xbox team. Chanel co-founded audio design group Syndicate 17, a leader in immersive audio for VR and mixed reality projects. She is also a world-traveling speaker and long-time game audio educator, as well as a lecturer and director of the Experimental Audio Design Lab in USC’s Interactive Media & Games Division.

Yehonatan (Yoni) Koenig 

Bringing 20+ years of marketing, digital production, and LBE experience to the team. Yoni comes from an extensive career ushering compelling experiences and technologies into mainstream commercialization. Merging the lines between product, marketing, and entertainment into delightful digital experiences, he has dedicated his work and passion to delight audiences around the globe. Some of his past work includes creating high-end turnkey infrastructure for VR entertainment, as well as co-designing rides for Disney Imagineering with “Gigswatt Studios”, a company he co-founded that is also credited with developing numerous PC, Xbox and Playstation games.  Yoni also co-authored several groundbreaking GPU rendering Patents focusing on placing the power of real-time graphics at the artist’s fingertips as the Chief Scientist at “StudioGPU”.