Posted by Tylor on August 31, 2015 in Events, Home, Technology

To me VRcade is the one company that is taking gaming to a level that has barely been explored. Imagine if you take the joy of shooting someone in paintball, your love of zombies or Harry Potter and an open space where you can run around. All of that still wouldn’t even come close to the experience that Rene and I had when we demoed the game Time Zombies.

The rst thing that caught our attention when we were walking around was the enormous line for what looked like the set up they did for bullet time in the Matrix and someone with a gun in their hand. Well, you don’t have to show three guys who love shooting things, in game, anything else you had use hooked.

As we got closer we realized that the the set up wasn’t for bullet time, but to track you. The headset you had on was wireless and the gun or wand you held had sensors on it. There was a television showing exactly what the player was doing, so we got to see how everyone did under pressure.

When we got up there we asked to do the zombies. I walked out to the middle of the for and was set up their custom wireless HMD, which allows amazing 1 to 1 accuracy with the players movements. I was given a few simple instructions such as to tap the ammo that appears in front of you to reload and be aware of the boundaries set. I asked about the boundaries and was told that they could set them anywhere they want, but for this small environment they wanted to keep in a smaller safer area. After a little introduction I was put in the middle of a town at night where zombies started attacking me. Head shots were automatic kills, but body shots took two shots. You don’t see it, but there’s a running score in case you want to go against another person. Even thought I was being attacked by zombies I had smile on my face the whole time and tried my best not to yell or quiver down when a zombie was right behind me. The sound really makes things creepier and even though I was in a crowded expo lied with talking and announcements, all I heard was the zombies. Rene did a little better than me, but I think that was because he saw my awesome moves and copied them.