MODULAR VR ATTRACTION – Assembled by 10×10 sq ft (3×3 meters) modules that can be connected in 1-4 sections, allowing you to leverage your venue real-estate into a high throughput and profitable VR attraction for 1-8 players. (and soon 1-12) 

UNIQUE NETWORKING CAPABILITIES – Enable any or all players to interact in a single game instance. And is infinitely flexible in terms of modularity, play dynamics and replayability. No other VR-attraction does this, boasting the best throughput and potential revenue in the smallest footprint with 9 games to choose from.

THE ATTRACTION WITH AN EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE – Western, Sci-Fi, Creative/Casual, Family-Friendly, Horror/Zombies, Sports/Athletic/ Competitive/eSport – and more coming!

THE ATOM IS THE SMALLEST FOOTPRINT WIRELESS best potential earning VR attraction, built on tried and tested technology, and experience that is relied on by the Industry giants.


TURN UNDERUTLIZED SPACE INTO A PROFITABLE FREE-ROAM VR-ATTRACTION – can be installed in as small as 25’X25′ and as big as 40’x40′ without the need for extensive infrastructures, such as a truss.

SIMPLE AND LOW IMPACT INSTALLATION means that the physical structure and aesthetic design of your space remain intact, as the ARENA Flex requires no intrusive physical construction or distracting symbols or fiducial markers.

ON-DEMAND AVAILABILITY means the ARENA Flex can be easily powered up on a variable schedule that maximizes the use of the space. Enabling you to easily repurpose underutilized space and generate new revenue.

 A TRUE VR-SPORTS COMPETITIVE EXPERIENCE,  for single players and teams, Engaging players in skill-based competitive play a, creating a true sporting spectacle with spectators cheering on.