It’s hard to come up with a way to have an optimistic conversation without unintentionally diminishing the growing and devastating impact people are waking up to every day. First and foremost, the health and wellbeing of our team and their families, along with those of our customers and partners is the highest priority. VRstudios HQ is just a few miles away from the WA hotspot that was ground central for the country not too long ago and the state continues to be in a critical status. We went into a voluntary work-from-home status three weeks ago, while still keeping the wheels of progress turning. I’m happy to report that everyone on our team and their circle remain physically healthy, and I pray that continues.

Our hearts also go out to our customers in the location-based entertainment industry that have been hit so hard without bias to size or shape. The economic impact to the companies and ripple effect to their loyal employees is hard to fathom and is only compounded by the uncertain the point of recovery. This condition is causing us all to make some very hard decisions in order to weather this storm and preserve the opportunity for a robust reboot as soon as possible. While these short-term changes hurt, we remain very robust about our future and the LBE market and look forward to partnering to make us all stronger together. And in the meantime, you can count on the innovation to continue at VRstudios! I’m so grateful and proud of the amazing team at VRstudios. We are working on some very exciting new products that will be ready to be announced and help launch the recovery!

Keep your distance. Flatten the curve. Stay healthy. Stay tuned…

Kevin Vitale – April 3rd, 2020
CEO and Chairman