Redmond, WA, Oct. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VRstudios has extended the VRcade PowerPlay brand to the small footprint VRcade ATOM™ system, enabling players of all skill levels to enjoy live, athletic match play competition in one or multiple networked ATOM systems. The company announced today immediate availability of a new edition of its proprietary VRcade PowerPlay™ VR eSport attraction, designed to run on their cost-effective VRcade ATOM — 2-Player wireless systems powered by the VRcade Attraction Management Platform™ (AMP). Built on the game dynamics of the original PowerPlay for the larger VRcade Arena™, it is the world’s first truly athletic eSport in an immersive, free-roaming and completely wireless VR player-on-player experience. Utilizing AMP, one to four ATOM systems can be configured for up to 8 players to engage in heated match play competition either head-to head or in teams, with or against dynamically computer-controlled PowerPlay Bots.

“This is another industry-first from VRstudios,” said the company’s CEO, Kevin Vitale. “It adds a completely new genre of entertainment purpose-built for Location Based Entertainment venue operators, and does so in a very cost-effective commercial solution for completely wireless VR attractions.” Vitale adds, “The combination of VRcade PowerPlay and the ATOM make immersive VR eSports easily affordable to LBE’s and accessible to players of all skill levels. Plus, the game is addictive! We think that PowerPlay: ATOM Edition will be the feeder system for people to experience the enjoyment of the only truly athletic eSport and potentially becoming a competitive eAthlete.”

PowerPlay: ATOM Edition builds on the best elements of the original ground-breaking PowerPlay: Arena Edition™, and then adds even more unique features to drive the intense, competitive play of a large space into the smaller footprint of the ATOM. One or multiple players can compete simultaneously in the same virtual experience, yet be in different physical locations of multiple ATOMs connected through AMP. In addition, it adds a new generation of game dynamics and computer-controlled Bots that makes it unlike any other experience. For example, players can compete alone, team up with or play against the PowerPlay Bots; two players can be in the same physical space, yet be competing in different and vast virtual spaces within the stadium; and a unique auto-transportation feature smoothly and comfortably enables players to combat in a large virtual arena while actually roaming untethered and without backpacks in a very efficient small physical space.

“Time after time, players come out of PowerPlay: ATOM Edition, saying that it’s the most fun, athletic, engaging and re-playable attraction that they’ve experienced in VR. They can’t believe that they covered so much virtual space in such a small physical area,” said Chanel Summers, Vice President of Creative Development. Further, she notes, “They often describe this as the digital version of Paintball, Laser Tag, Dodgeball and Pac-Man all wrapped up into one high energy game. This is all enabled through our proprietary system design features like splitting a single physical play space into multiple virtual play spaces to ensure even more competitve possibilities, automatically managing teleportation to cover a large virtual area so the player can focus entirely on game strategy, and dynamically scaling the skill level to the performance of the players. The dynamic skill leveling combined with intuitive and simple game mechanics are also what makes it so approachable for first-time players, while continuously adapting to their skill level to challenge the more advanced players.”

VRcade PowerPlay: ATOM Edition is available now and can be ordered directly from VRstudios. Requests for product information, demonstration or purchasing should be directed to John Walthall, Vice President Business Development.

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