Experience a glimpse of VRcade’s reality-bending immersive gaming experience, “Time Zombies.”

Designed with high-quality standards of immersive gaming, the VRstudios VRcade solution enables multi-player, wireless virtual reality experiences across a wide range of enterprise-grade applications. It is built to be responsive, immersive, and seamless to give players an unparalleled game presence that transports players into another world.

The VRcade system runs on VRstudios’ hardware-agnostic platform, allowing new video game titles to be frequently added.
Titles include: Time Zombies, Barking Irons, planktOs: Crystal Guardians, and VRcade Drone Storm with more to come! 

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timezombiesVRstudios is pushing the boundaries of immersive gaming experiences. Virtual reality is not a distant dream, it is happening right now.


  • Dedicated high-end hardware, customized gameplay experiences, and a low cost of entry
  • Designed to overcome in-home VR design and installation challenges to enable anyone to have amazing virtual reality experiences
  • Allows multiple players equipped with top-of-the-line hardware to run untethered around a large physical space
  • Constantly pioneering new solutions to challenges that stand in the way of immersive VR and ready to take advantage of any big developments to improve the experience