VRstudios Announces the Immediate Availability of Dragonfrost™

Playable at 118 Dave & Buster’s locations across North America


DECEMBER 20, 2018 – Redmond, WA – VRstudios®, creator of turn-key multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) attractions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) has announced a new exclusive experience for Dave & Buster’s proprietary virtual reality simulator – “Dragonfrost”– an interactive extravaganza that is now available to play nationwide.


Players of Dragonfrost will be immediately immersed in a winter fairy tale as they become warriors riding on their companion flying dragon. Friends that are physically sitting next to each other in the real world will be seen virtually riding their own dragon hundreds of feet away.  Players fly through the magical icy and wondrous land of Dragonfrost while battling orc encampments with goblins, orcs, trolls, plenty of explosives – and even Ice Hawks! The objective is to defeat the Ice Prince and his Army of Ice in order to restore peace and prosperity to the land of Dragonfrost.


The VRstudios Attractions Development team has been working with Dave & Buster’s for over a year to bring this exciting and exclusive IP story to market.  Dragonfrost leverages VRstudios’ vast knowledge of LBE VR, including the company’s deep experience with free-roaming and simulator motion, VR design sensibilities, operational know-how, and proprietary technology that has been developed for networked multiplayer systems.  VRstudios pulled together an extended team of top-tier partners that all worked together to breathe life into the tale of Dragonfrost – from the exquisitely designed artwork to the deftly crafted and choreographed sound and music.


“We set out to create a highly engaging original title that could compete with any big IP title”, said Chanel Summers, VRstudios’ VP of Creative Development.  “Our creative team worked hard to bring to life an all-new story that combines a classic fairy tale feel with exciting, fun, and most of all, interactive action set in an absolutely beautiful virtual environment. Plus, you get to experience for the first time what it’s like to ride on the back of a flying dragon!  The experience and best practices that we’ve developed over the past few years creating compelling commercial VR attractions have enabled us to create an amazing original IP title for Dave & Buster’s. The craftsmanship, story and player enjoyment of Dragonfrost will capture the imagination of all our players.”


Born out of a narrative collaboration between VRstudios and Dave & Buster’s, Dragonfrost is rooted in classical storytelling. There was acute attention to detail throughout the development of the game itself, including high-quality graphics and illustrations, sound design and custom musical composition, the networking structure and gameplay balance. VRstudios also employed worldbuilding techniques in order to create the village of Dragonfrost and its inhabitants.  The company’s proprietary technology allows for the interaction of all four players and associates them to their companion dragons. Players experience different perspectives depending on the flight paths of their dragons; this combined with the highly interactive game and scoring features, make Dragonfrost highly replayable. Most importantly, immersion and motion programming were critical to create the realistic feel of riding on the back of a living creature – the ebbs and flows of the dragon, the flapping wings, the fire-breathing, and being in battle.


Dragonfrost is the latest development of the strong partnership that continues between VRstudios and Dave & Buster’s to expand the catalog of additional exciting attractions available for their proprietary multiplayer VR simulator. Building on the very successful initial deployment last June, the company’s VRcade Attraction Management Platform™ (AMP) manages and operates more than 130 individual simulators across North America – the world’s largest commercial VR attraction.


About VRstudios:

VRstudios (www.vrstudios.com)is a pioneer and leader in delivering large-scale, turnkey, multiplayer, free-roaming commercial VR attraction systems for the LBE industry. By selling complete solutions that can be quickly installed and efficiently operated, VRstudios is a one-stop-shop that makes it easy for owners and operators to offer innovative virtual reality attractions to their guests. VRstudios launched in 2014 as the first company to offer out-of-home fully immersive VR with free-roaming, wireless and untethered, multiplayer capabilities.


About Dave & Busters:

Dave & Buster’s Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLAY), headquartered in Dallas, TX, operates 121 high-volume restaurant/entertainment complexes throughout North America. The exciting environment of Dave & Buster’s also provides the perfect setting for corporate and group events. Each Dave & Buster’s offers an impressive selection of high-quality food and beverage items, combined with the latest games and attractions. Guests can watch sporting events in the D&B Sports Bar and play state-of-the-art simulators and games of skill they can’t play anywhere else. For more information, visit www.daveandbusters.com.


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