VRstudios Expands Focus on Large Format Location-Based Entertainment Market

Appoints New Executive to Lead Company Through Next Phase of Growth

Bellevue, Washington, March 15, 2017  — VRstudios, the Bellevue-based VR technology company announced today some exciting changes as it steps up its focus on setting the global standard for large format LBE (Location-Based Entertainment) market solutions. Building on the success of having arcade systems installed in 11 countries, combined with the experience gained in the high-profile Universal Studios Orlando Halloween VR attraction, as well as installing the first permanent amusement park VR attraction opening soon at Knott’s Berry Farm, the company is increasing its investment in expanding its technology for large-scale, full-roaming, multiplayer, untethered, experiences.

VRstudios was the leader in delivering the first wireless commercial VR systems to arcades around the world, allowing multiple players to experience true full-roaming virtual content in physical spaces up to 30’ X 30’. The company is now seeing an increased demand for larger scale solutions that will allow more simultaneous players and enable content that can be more dynamic and engaging. The demand is coming from several segments of the LBE industry, typically large companies with a strategy to differentiate themselves as leaders by being first to market in their segment, and from multiple locations around the globe.

This is a natural progression for VRstudios as it has always been focused on commercial enterprise solutions, including entertainment. In addition to high performance systems and compelling content, one of the application cornerstones for large multi-site multi-system enterprises, is the ability to centrally manage, administrate and maintain the installations. While holding off the details, VRstudios shared that it is redoubling its focus on the particular needs of the enterprise owners, operators, and their customers. As a result, new system and software product announcements, specifically for larger arena-scale experiences, are expected in the coming months.

Leading the charge in this effort will be Kevin Vitale, the newly announced CEO of VRstudios. After almost three years since co-founding the company, Charles Herrick, former CEO, will be moving to a strategic advisory capacity. “Kevin and I have been preparing for this ever since I brought him in almost a year ago,” explained Charles. “He has already had a big impact on the company. His experience building enterprise products and scaling global operations come into play at critical time. Prior to now, we have done all our engineering and almost all of our manufacturing in-house. Kevin is already expanding operations and undertaking important engineering efforts with outside firms to make wireless, full-motion multi-player a reality.”

“It’s an exciting time in the evolution for the VRstudios team and our customers,” commented Vitale, “and I’m honored to be involved at such a pivotal time in the development of VR technology and markets.” He continued, “I’d like to express my appreciation to Charles for his tireless dedication to bring the company this far, to our investors for having faith in the company vision, and to the VRstudios team for their extraordinary and pioneering efforts in delivering leading products.”

About VRstudios:

VRstudios (www.vrstudios.com) is a leading global VR technology company, whose VR systems and content are installed in 11 countries. The company is delivering the first truly wireless, full-range-of-motion, multi-participant, immersive experiences for the location-based entertainment industry, such as theme parks, family entertainment centers, food and beverage outlets, movie theaters and arcades. VRstudios is the first company to offer an all-in-one VR solution bundle, including its own experience management software, wireless headsets and interactive devices, entertainment content and developer tools. The company launched in 2014 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.