Experience the FURY at the IAAPA Expo – Creative Works’ Booth #3871.

November 1, 2021 – VRstudios, creator of free-roam turn-key multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) attractions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE), is pleased to announce a partnership with Creative Works, the turnkey attraction developer. Together they will bring the FURY, the world’s first unattended 2-player VR Esports attraction, as well as other products to market.

Under this new partnership, Creative Works becomes an authorized distributor in North America for VRstudios’ products including the FURY as well as other VRstudios attractions. They will bring decades of immersive attraction experience to sell, install, and support the FURY and other attractions. The two companies also plan to collaborate on future products for the LBE market, leveraging VRstudios’ innovative technology and products and Creative Works’ proven fabrication, distribution, and superior service capabilities.

“With the FURY, VRstudios is making it easy for location-based entertainment operators to bring in a money-making, high-throughput attraction that combines the immersion of virtual reality gaming with the community building, events, and competition of our Real-Sport Esports™,” noted Kevin Vitale, CEO and Chairman of VRstudios. “Creative Works’ experience with Esports and impressive track record of promoting innovative VR attractions makes them a great partner for us.”

The FURY is an innovative unattended 2-player attraction designed to deliver high throughput and physically active experiences in a small footprint at a family entertainment center. Because the FURY is a multiplayer, unattended attraction, a location can affordably attract basketball-loving guests and enthusiasts into VR gameplay via “Hoops Madness,” a basketball title designed for LBE. “Hoops Madness” utilizes real-world physics to deliver an exciting and broadly appealing VR basketball experience with authentic shooting and ball-handling. Perfect as a stand-alone attraction or for Esports, players are invited to move up the leaderboard ranking their performance.

“We are thrilled to partner with the team at VRstudios,” commented Armando Lanuti, the President of Creative Works. “Virtual reality is becoming more and more important to the overall attraction mix at venues, and this partnership allows us to deliver the amazing FURY experience to venues all over the world.”

VRstudios has also developed the Real-Sport Esports™ Playbook= a how-to guide for developing an Esports program with new revenue streams.  The Playbook consists of use case examples, best practices, and a tiered approach to help operators quickly activate and realize the value of Real-Sport Esports™ for VR Esports competitions, tournaments, and events.

“Hoops Madness” is the first game in a coming line of VRstudios Sports Real-Sport Esports™ titles designed for replayability and retention and bundled with operator tools for building localized, branded promotions and events to deliver additional value to guests.

The FURY will make its debut at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando. Attendees can experience the attraction and place their orders at Creative Works’ Booth #3871.

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Creative Works produces powerful emotions and memories through immersive attractions. They help location-based entertainment businesses get customers in the door by providing amazing experiences that can’t be found at home. Creative Works employs a team of artists, designers, and dreamers who want to WOW people around the world. They do this by focusing on 3 core elements in the attractions they build: story-driven gameplay, social atmosphere, and immersive experience.