VRstudios reached a milestone today as the Bellevue-based startup began shipping its virtual reality systems to business customers around the world.

VRstudios CEO Charles Herrick.
VRstudios CEO Charles Herrick.

The company, previously in stealth mode, has developed a wireless, full-motion virtual reality hardware/software solution that allows customers in industries ranging from aerospace to construction to entertainment utilize a fully-immersive virtual environment.

It has already shipped and installed systems in places like the U.S., China, and France to customers who are using the technology to solve business needs, whether it’s a pre-construction walk-through for architects or a gaming environment at a family fun center.

The system lets multiple people participate in the same virtual space and includes headsets, cameras, and interactive devices, along with an SDK for its development partners. What sets the technology apart is what has become known as room-scale VR, or virtual reality experiences that let users walk around in the real world and have that translate to movement within the digital space.

“Our existing clients are early adopters of this type of VR technology and view it as a being a significant competitive advantage,” VRstudios CEO Charles Herrick told GeekWire.


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