By Dylan Foreman on June 10 2016

Imagine an executive in Los Angeles wants to check in with the architect designing her firm’s new office in Vancouver.

The architect sketches a rendering of the building, and then uploads it to a three-dimensional virtual space. Together, architect and executive explore and identify tweaks to the design, renovations that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the physical world.

Collaborations such as this are what Bellevue’s VRstudios has in mind for its products, and with a new distribution deal locked up, those cases are more attainable for North American customers.

VRstudios, which makes virtual-reality headsets and software, announced last week a partnership with Stampede, the largest distributor of professional audio-visual products in the U.S. The deal will expand the reach of VRstudios’ wireless, full-motion, room-scale virtual reality platform across North America.

Stampede is unique in the industry in the distributor side of things because they are trying to be forward thinkers and trying to push the envelope,” said Kevin Vitale, VRstudios’ executive vice president of international operations. “They have done what they think are strategic advances in technology that has blended into corporate enterprise and their customer base, which provides a new level of functionality.”

North America is a largely untapped market for VRstudios, which has thus far had most of its success with overseas clients. Through Stampede’s distribution, VRstudios will look to expand all three of its verticals: entertainment, enterprise, and simulations. However, Vitale noted that both Stampede and VRstudios will be emphasizing the sale of business applications.

Enterprise solutions are vital to VRstudios’ growth plans, but its entertainment and simulation products have driven early adoption. In entertainment, for example, the company already has amusement park and arcade deals in Dubai, Korea, and Denmark. Meanwhile, military branches and first-responders are simulation customers.

VRstudios will focus on enterprise growth largely because there is a greater volume of potential uses in that sector. “There are a bunch of ROI cases that would optimize workflow … depending on the industry,” Vitale said. In virtual reality, engineers on opposite ends of the globe can converge on the same virtual project, thus limiting travel and boosting efficiency.

And, thanks to its new distribution deal, more North American businesses like our office-building executive will have access to VRstudios products.

About VRstudios:

Launched in 2014 and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, VRstudios ( is the industry’s premier VR company providing a collection of unique VR capabilities to the entertainment and commercial enterprise industries, through its unprecedented patent- pending platform and turn-key systems. The company’s technology brings a completely immersive and interactive experience that is wireless, provides full-motion, and allows simultaneous multiple users in the same physical and virtual space.

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