VRstudios Wins Innovative Product of the Year at Bellevue Chamber’s 2016 Eastside Business Awards.

awardOn March 31, 2016 a diverse group of entrepreneurs gathered at the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce 27th Annual Eastside Business Award Ceremony. The Eastside is home to an impressive number of outstanding companies that use innovation, creativity, talent, and leadership to develop products that transform the marketplace. VRstudios was honored to be nominated alongside 36 other amazing companies.

The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce actively pursues companies that perform above and beyond in developing cutting-edge products and services to highlight the community’s greatest assets of the local businesses. According to the Better Business Bureau, Bellevue is home to over 30,000 technological companies, so the competition for innovation is rigorous. Receiving the Innovative Product of the Year Award is an impressive distinction that VRstudios is elated to accept.

VRstudios innovative recognition arises from their technology that brings an unprecedented, completely immersive and interactive experience that is wireless, provides full-physical-motion tracking, and allows simultaneous multiple users in the same virtual space.

The company is providing real business solutions and significantly transforming numerous industries, such as gaming, aerospace, health care, architecture and design, and construction. VRstudios technology allows the company to continuously take advantage of the newest breakthroughs in VR.

About the VRstudios Enterprise

VRstudios® launched in 2014, when five local entrepreneurs with backgrounds in gaming, enterprise technology, executive management, and global organization establishment, merged to provide a flexible virtual reality (VR) solution-based platform. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, VRstudios is the only VR company providing a collection of unique capabilities to the commercial enterprise and gaming industries through its turn-key systems.